Other Comparisons

Here you’ll find comparison articles for the Detective Conan theatrical films, TV specials, and video games!

The Detective Conan movies have been released annually to theaters just ahead of Japan’s Golden Week since 1997. Essentially feature-length episodes, these films involve storylines too complex to wrap up in a traditional half-hour case. Although multi-episode mysteries have been long-time standards of the television series (with similar 90-minute stories), these theatrical installments still draw enough attention from moviegoers to rank among the highest-grossing films of their respective release years. Even series creator Gōshō Aoyama himself has contributed to these movies as both an animator and consultant, ensuring that several key scenes look as much like an animated version of the original manga as possible.

FUNimation Entertainment has dubbed and released the first six feature films straight to DVD, while other films and television specials have been brought to us by Discotek Media. Just like the episode comparisons for the television series, each article below features dub/sub comparisons as well as images, supplemental information, and my own thoughts on each film/special/game. Enjoy!


Movie Comparisons

Movie 01 Logo
Movie 01: “The Time Bombed Skyscraper”
Movie 02 Logo
Movie 02: “The Fourteenth Target”
Movie 03 Logo
Movie 03: “The Last Wizard Of The Century”
Movie 4 Logo
Movie 04: “Captured In Her Eyes”
Movie 5 Logo
Movie 05: “Countdown To Heaven”
Movie 6 Logo
Movie 06: “The Phantom Of Baker Street”
Logo (Movie 07)
Movie 07: “Crossroad In The Ancient Capital”
Logo (Movie 08)
Movie 08: “Magician Of The Silver Sky”
Logo (Movie 09)
Movie 09: “Strategy Above The Depths”
Logo (Movie 10)
Movie 10: “The Private Eyes’ Requiem”
Logo (Movie 11)
Movie 11: “Jolly Roger In The Deep Azure”
Logo (Movie 12)
Movie 12: “Full Score Of Fear”
Logo (Movie 13)
Movie 13: “The Raven Chaser”
Logo (Movie 14)
Movie 14: “The Lost Ship In The Sky”
Logo (Movie 15)
Movie 15: “Quarter Of Silence”
Logo (Movie 16)
Movie 16: “The Eleventh Striker”
Logo (Movie 17)
Movie 17: “Private Eye In The Distant Sea”
Logo (Movie 18)
Movie 18: “Dimensional Sniper”
Logo (Movie 19)
Movie 19: “Sunflowers Of Inferno”
Logo (Movie 20)
Movie 20: “The Darkest Nightmare”

Movie 21: “The Crimson Love Letter”


Crossover Comparisons

Logo (Cross TV)
“Lupin The 3rd VS Detective Conan”
Logo (Cross Film)
“Lupin The 3rd VS Detective Conan: The Movie”


Video Game Comparison

Logo (Wii Game)
“The Mirage Of Reminiscence”


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