Episode Comparisons

I’m sure if any of you have seen a dub/sub comparison website like DBZ Uncensored or Dogasu’s Backpack, you’ll know what to expect from the articles below. This is a guide to the changes made in FUNimation Entertainment’s American version of Detective Conan, otherwise known as Case Closed. Despite being an “uncut” FUNimation dub, that doesn’t entirely protect the series from major script rewrites and the like. Rarely will visual edits from the Cartoon Network television airings be covered, as the home video releases preserve almost all of the original Japanese footage. Whenever there is an exception and an edit from the Cartoon Network airing does appear, I will note it either in the episode’s comparison or in the Home Video Guide.

In addition to script comparisons, I also provide original airdates, supplemental information, manga/anime comparisons, the names of each individual Japanese/American script writer and director, image comparisons when necessary, and my personal thoughts on each episode for additional context. Enjoy!


FUNimation “Season” One – Japanese Episodes 001-025 / American Episodes 001-026

Japanese Episode Number American Episode Number Japanese Title American Title
001 001 “The Jet Coaster Murder Case” “The Big Shrink”
002 002 “The Company President’s Daughter Abduction Case” “The Kidnapped Debutante”
003 003 “The Idol Locked Room Murder Case” “Beware Of Idols”
004 004 “The Coded Big City Map Case” “Fish Marks The Spot”
005 005 “The Great Bullet Train Explosion Case” “The Time Bomb Express”
006 006 “The Valentine Murder Case” “Tragic Valentine”
007 007 “The Monthly Present Threat Case” “The Case Of The Mysterious Gifts”
008 008 “The Art Museum Owner Murder Case” “The Art Museum Murder Case”
009 009 “The Tenkaichi Night Festival Murder Case” “Festival Fiasco”
010 010 “The Pro Soccer Player Threat Case” “Deadly Game”
011 011 – 012 “The “Moonlight” Piano Sonata Murder Case” “The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case”
012 013 “The Ayumi-chan Abduction Case” “Kidnapped: Amy”
013 014 “The Bizarre Manhunt Murder Case” “Mystery Mastermind”
014 015 “The Mysterious Message Sniping Case” “The Shooter”
015 016 “The Disappearing Corpse Murder Case” “The Two Faced Brother”
016 017 “The Antique Collector Murder Case” “A Load Repaid”
017 018 “The Department Store Hijack Case” “The Case Of The Hi-Jacked Department Store”
018 019 “The June Bride Murder Case” “Wedding Day Blues”
019 020 “The Elevator Murder Case” “Fashion Sense”
020 021 “The Haunted House Murder Case” “The Disappearing Act”
021 022 “The TV Drama Location Murder Case” “Lights, Camera… Murder”
022 023 “The Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case (Part One)” “Smooth Sailing (Part 1)”
023 024 “The Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case (Part Two)” “Smooth Sailing (Part 2)”
024 025 “The Mysterious Beauty Memory Loss Case” “Better Off Forgotten”
025 026 “The Fake Ransom Abduction Case” “The Counterfeit Ransom Kidnapping”


FUNimation “Season” Two – Japanese Episodes 026-051 / American Episodes 027-052

Japanese Episode Number American Episode Number Japanese Title American Title
026 027 “The Pet Dog John Murder Case” “Jack Attacks!”
027 028 “The Kogorō’s Class Reunion Murder Case (Part One)” “Richard’s Class Reunion (Part 1)”
028 029 “The Kogorō’s Class Reunion Murder Case (Part Two)” “Richard’s Class Reunion (Part 2)”
029 030 “The Computer Murder Case” “The Computer Murder Case”
030 031 “The Alibi Testimony Murder Case” “The Missing Melody”
031 032 “The Television Station Murder Case” “Murder At The Television Studio”
032 033 “The Coffee Shop Murder Case” “Murder At The Local Diner”
033 034 “The Detective League Survival Case” “A Hunting We Will Go”
034 035 “The Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part One)” “Mountain Villa Murder (Part 1)”
035 036 “The Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part Two)” “Mountain Villa Murder (Part 2)”
036 037 “The Monday Night, 7:30 Murder Case” “Wrong Place At The Wrong Time”
037 038 “The Cactus Flower Murder Case” “Prickly Past”
038 039 “The Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case” “Flames Of Confusion”
039 040 “The Wealthy Daughter Murder Case (Part One)” “Billionaire Birthday Blues (Part 1)”
040 041 “The Wealthy Daughter Murder Case (Part Two)” “Billionaire Birthday Blues (Part 2)”
041 042 “The Championship Flag Ripping Case” “Left In Tatters”
042 043 “The Karaoke Box Murder Case” “Karaoke Killing”
043 044 “The Conan Edogawa Abduction Case” “Conan Is Kidnapped”
044 045 “The Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case” “Unhappy Birthday”
045 046 “The Facial Pack Murder Case” “Unexpected Visitors”
046 047 “The Snowy Mountain Villa Murder Case” “A Game Of Murder”
047 048 “The Sports Club Murder Case” “The Last Dive”
048 049 “The Diplomat Murder Case (Part One)” “No Immunity For The Diplomat (Part 1)”
049 050 “The Diplomat Murder Case (Part Two)” “No Immunity For The Diplomat (Part 2)”
050 051 “The Library Murder Case” “The Book Without Pages”
051 052 “The Golf Practice Range Murder Case” “Driving A Bomb”


FUNimation “Season” Three – Japanese Episodes 052-076 / American Episodes 053-079

Japanese Episode Number American Episode Number Japanese Title American Title
052 053 – 054 “The Kiri-Tengu Legend Murder Case” “The Mist Goblin Murder Case”
053 055 “The Mystery Weapon Murder Case” “Weapon Of Choice”
054 056 “The Game Company Murder Case” “Game Gone Bad”
055 057 “The Train Trick Murder Case” “Train Trick”
056 058 “The Ojamanbō Murder Case” “The Sunfish Murder”
057 059 “The Holmes • Freak Murder Case (Part One)” “Footsteps Of The Hero (Part 1)”
058 060 “The Holmes • Freak Murder Case (Part Two)” “Footsteps Of The Hero (Part 2)”
059 061 “The First-Time Errand Murder Case” “Shopping Can Be Murder”
060 062 “The Illustrator Murder Case” “Illustrated Murder”
061 063 “The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part One)” “Ghost Ship Murder (Part 1)”
062 064 “The Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part Two)” “Ghost Ship Murder (Part 2)”
063 065 “The Big Monster Gomera Murder Case” “Gomera!”
064 066 “The 3rd Fingerprint Murder Case” “The Three Fingerprints”
065 067 “The Crab And Whale Abduction Case” “The Crab And Whale”
066 068 “The Dark Road Murder Case” “Moonless Murder”
067 069 “The Stage Actress Murder Case” “The Case Of The Murdered Actress”
068 070 “The Night Baron Murder Case
(The Case Chapter)”
“Knight Baron Mystery (Part 1)”
069 071 “The Night Baron Murder Case
(The Suspicion Chapter)”
“Knight Baron Mystery (Part 2)”
070 072 “The Night Baron Murder Case
(The Resolution Chapter)”
“Knight Baron Mystery (Part 3)”
071 073 “The Stalker Murder Case” “The Stalker”
072 074 “The Triplets Villa Murder Case” “Triple Terror”
073 075 “The Detective Boys Disaster Case” “The Ship Wreck Murder”
074 076 “The Death God Jinnai Murder Case” “Jinnah, King Of Death”
075 077 “The Financing Company President Murder Case” “Murder And Mahjong”
076 078 – 079 “Conan VS Kaitō Kid” “Phantom Thief 1412”


FUNimation “Season” Four – Japanese Episodes 077-099 / American Episodes 080-105

Japanese Episode Number American Episode Number Japanese Title American Title
077 080 “The Distinguished Family Serial Accidental Death Case (Part One)” “Mysterious Masked Murderer (Part 1)”
078 081 “The Distinguished Family Serial Accidental Death Case (Part Two)” “Mysterious Masked Murderer (Part 2)”
079 082 “The Bank Robbery Murder Case” “The Revengeful Robber”
080 083 “The Wandering Artist Murder Case” “Dead Hobo”
081 084 “The Popular Artist Abduction Case (Part One)” “Two Times Trouble (Part 1)”
082 085 “The Popular Artist Abduction Case (Part Two)” “Two Times Trouble (Part 1)”
083 086 “The General Hospital Murder Case” “The Set Up”
084 087 “The Ski Lodge Murder Case (Part One)” “Massacre Night (Part 1)”
085 088 “The Ski Lodge Murder Case (Part Two)” “Massacre Night (Part 2)”
086 089 “The Specific Abduction Location Case” “Find The Kidnap Site!”
087 090 “The Crane’s Requital Murder Case” “For The Birds”
088 091 “The Dracula Manor Murder Case (Part One)” “Vampire Villa (Part 1)”
089 092 “The Dracula Manor Murder Case (Part Two)” “Vampire Villa (Part 2)”
090 093 “The Flower Aroma Murder Case” “Deadly Art”
091 094 “The Robber Hospitalization Case” “Hospital Homicide”
092 095 “The Traverse Of Fear Murder Case (Part One)” “Mountain Fox (Part 1)”
093 096 “The Traverse Of Fear Murder Case (Part Two)” “Mountain Fox (Part 2)”
094 097 “The Snow Woman Legend Murder Case” “The Other Girl”
095 098 “The Kogorō’s Date Murder Case” “Richard’s Deadly Date”
096 099 – 102 “The Great Detective, Cornered! Two Big Serial Murder Cases” “Jimmy Kudo Revealed”
097 103 “The Farewell Wine Murder Case” “The Farewell Wine Murder Case”
098 104 “The Great Potter Murder Case (Part One)” “Potter’s Gambit (Part 1)”
099 105 “The Great Potter Murder Case (Part Two)” “Potter’s Gambit (Part 2)”


FUNimation “Season” Five – Japanese Episodes 100-123 / American Episodes 106-130

Japanese Episode Number American Episode Number Japanese Title American Title
100 106 “The First Love Memories Case (Part One)” “The Memories Of First Love (Part 1)”
101 107 “The First Love Memories Case (Part Two)” “The Memories Of First Love (Part 2)”
102 108 “The Period Drama Actor Murder Case (Part One)” “Fame And Misfortune (Part 1)”
103 109 “The Period Drama Actor Murder Case (Part Two)” “Fame And Misfortune (Part 2)”
104 110 “The Mysterious Mansion Thieves Case (Part One)” “The Mystery Of Bludcraven Manor (Part 1)”
105 111 “The Mysterious Mansion Thieves Case (Part Two)” “The Mystery Of Bludcraven Manor (Part 2)”
106 112 “The Photo Scoop Murder Case” “Snapshots Of Death”
107 113 “The Mysterious Mole Alien Case (Part One)” “The Mysterious Moletian Case (Part 1)”
108 114 “The Mysterious Mole Alien Case (Part Two)” “The Mysterious Moletian Case (Part 2)”
109 115 “The Big Detective League Pursuit Case” “Hit And Run”
110 116 “The Cooking Class Murder Case (Part One)” “Recipe For Murder (Part 1)”
111 117 “The Cooking Class Murder Case (Part Two)” “Recipe For Murder (Part 2)”
112 118 “The 7 Wonders At Teitan Elementary Case” “School Of Ghouls”
113 119 “The White Sandy Beach Murder Case” “Prescription For Murder”
114 120 “The Scuba Diving Murder Case (Part One)” “Scuba Dying (Part 1)”
115 121 “The Scuba Diving Murder Case (Part Two)” “Scuba Dying (Part 2)”
116 122 “The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case (Part One)” “The Mystery Writer Disappearance (Part 1)”
117 123 “The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case (Part Two)” “The Mystery Writer Disappearance (Part 2)”
118 124 – 125 “The Naniwa Serial Murder Case” “License To Die”
119 126 “The Kamen Yaibā Murder Case” “The Masked Yaiba Murder Mystery”
120 127 “The Honey Cocktail Murder Case” “The Big Sting”
121 128 “The Locked Bathroom Case (Part One)” “The Forgotten Bond (Part 1)”
122 129 “The Locked Bathroom Case (Part Two)” “The Forgotten Bond (Part 2)”
123 130 “The Weather Girl Abduction Case” “The Disappearing Weather Girl”


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