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♫ Never lookin’ back again… They’re comin’ to America… ♫

The fine folks at Discotek Media have revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming releases of the Detective Conan / Lupin The Third crossovers. Both the television special and the feature film will hit stores on October 27 of this year.

Crossover Special Crossover Movie

The artwork choices (which are identical to the Japanese home video release covers) were predictable, but in no way is that a bad thing. And they did a great job with the English logos. Discotek’s doin’ the Lord’s work right ‘ere.

Hard to believe it’s been over half a decade since we’ve been able to talk about a Detective Conan DVD release in North America. It’s a feeling I’ve missed.

I’ll add entries for these to the Home Video guide once we have more information!

– MagicBox