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2014 New Years Predictions?

*checks calendar*

Hey, it’s annual update time!

Happy New Year, everyone!  364 days is the longest I’ve ever gone without a new post since this site’s creation, and since I didn’t submit my most recent stuff until literally the last minute of 2013, you might as well just bump that number up to a full 365.  It’s pathetic, and I know it.  January 1st is turning into my annual apology day, it seems.  But hey, I’ve paid such little attention to this blog that all of you probably didn’t even expect me to update anyway.  So really, I disappointed nobody!

… That sounded better in my head.

Anyway, you might have noticed that I posted 11 new comparisons in 2013 (and all on New Year’s Eve, to boot).  We’re finally finished with “season” one!  Well… almost.  The first thing you might notice about these newest comparisons is that they’re… not quite finished.  My “thoughts” sections are much shorter than what you’ve probably come to expect, and you’ll notice that I don’t even go into too much detail about the edits beyond merely listing them.  That’s because all of these are currently in the “first draft” stage.  I usually don’t upload a comparison until it’s in the “third draft” stage (at the earliest), but I went ahead and posted them anyway because I so badly wanted to meet my New Year’s Eve deadline.  Basically, they’re good enough to post and spark discussion, but not quite up to my usual standards of quality and detail.

In addition, my internet’s been acting awfully strange.  I’ve been trying all week to upload the screencaps I took for these comparisons, but nothing on my side is cooperating.  I know, excuses, excuses.  THE POINT IS, over the next few days** you can expect these pages to be updated with images, additional information, and my usual essays.  Then we can finally progress into “season” two.

** I really do mean the “next few days,” by the way.  None of that “goodbye until next January!” nonsense I pulled last year.

Hmm, what else?  I was going to go over my predictions from last year, until I realized that I only made one prediction.

Since this year’s movie seems to be about the ocean and battleships, I predict we’ll get some sort of “Sea Selection” DVD with some of the series’ most popular water-based episodes.

Boy, was I wrong.  2013 gave us a lot of new Detective Conan goodies (nine music CDs, TWO feature films, a 3DS game, etc.), but no new wave (pun intended) of water-related discs.  Instead, Japan saw new “Character Selection” discs for Heiji Hattori and Kaitō Kid (the second volume for each), along with a compilation DVD focusing on Professor Agasa’s gadgets and another DVD compiling the entire “Desperate Revival” story arc.  Pretty random, but still cool.

So, predictions for this year?  Viz will stay the same.  They started releasing the Case Closed manga digitally last year.  It’s nice to see them keeping the series relevant.  I was very disappointed to see that they didn’t revise their translation at all (Gin and Vodka are still “Melkior” and “Kaspar” in the early volumes, for example).  You’d think that would have been the perfect opportunity to fix things.  What a waste.

FUNimation will stay the same.  FUNi actually put the series (dub and sub) up for online streaming last year, so that’s pretty cool.  None of the Cartoon Network video edits were fixed, though.  I e-mailed them about that (… twice) and was never acknowledged.  Oh, well.  I was only trying to help.  I would say that FUNimation’s the one to watch this year, but I only say that because they’re less predictable than Viz.  Do I think it’s enough to expect any Case Closed news from them, though?  I certainly wouldn’t make any bets.

So… yawn?  As for me and my contribution to the fandom, I’m hoping to finish the “season” two comparisons by year’s end.

Hey, quit laughing.  It could happen.

Japan usually plays things pretty safe as well, so I don’t expect anything crazy from them this year.  After all, we just had that Lupin The Third crossover film.  I think TMS will take it easy this year.  I do enjoy predicting the next batch of “Character Selection” DVDs, though!  Hmm, this is harder since they’re apparently giving certain characters multiple volumes.  I still think Satō, Takagi, or Inspector Megure deserve their own discs, so I’m going to stick with that.

Be sure to post your predictions in the comments!  Here’s to a fantastic 2014!

– MagicBox