Episode 025 – “The Fake Abduction Ransom Case”

Japanese Episode 025: “The Fake Abduction Ransom Case”
American Episode 026: “The Counterfeit Ransom Kidnapping”
Original Japanese Air Date: July 22, 1996
Original American Air Date: July 06, 2004
Based On Manga: No
Next Conan’s Hint: Reflex Action (Dub Hint: “9:00”)
Original Version Written By: Yūichi Higurashi
Original Version Directed By: Kenji Kodama
American Version Written By: Eric Vale & David Haynes
American Version Directed By: Christopher Bevins

Episode 025 01

Episode Thoughts
I like the approach this filler episode took by having the kidnapper be sympathetic and the victim’s father be an unlikeable jerk.  It’s nice to have a refresher once in a while that there are bad “good guys” and vice versa.  While Akiko’s actions are in no way justified even if she’s the one we’re meant to identify with in this story, you still feel bad for this woman in the end.  On the flip side, we come to hate the man who’s been wronged in this situation, which is a very interesting take on the normal “catch the kidnapper” cases.  I do wish we had gotten to actually meet the girl who was kidnapped (who literally makes her debut in the epilogue) since I think the episode could have been even more powerful if we had gotten to see the girl interact with her father and the kidnapper a little for greater contrast, but I guess there’s only so many things you can do in a 20-minute episode.

I do have to wonder why the anime writers keep assigning Megure to these filler cases that don’t involve murder when we know he’s the head of the homicide division, but I guess filler episodes don’t really need that kind of critical thinking.

The dub brings its usual “changes that are hard to care about” routine to the table, but there is one that I found annoying, so I guess this isn’t a totally boring read.

Name Conversion Guide

Minor Characters
Mr. Takei = Thomas McMullans

Naoki Takei = Nikki McMullans
Akiko Hanai = Elizabeth Cole
Masahito Hanai = Mason Cole

Dialogue Edit
Akiko said that she waited for hours at the movie theater for Naoki to arrive before she gave up.  Elizabeth is less patient, it seems, as she states that she only waited for almost an hour.

Later, when Richard is being brutally honest with Mr. McMullans and telling him that his actions as a businessman have made him many enemies, the dub gives Conan’s inner monologue this line:

American Dub
Conan (Thinking): “That’s delicate?  Smooth, old timer…”

This sarcastic remark is rather strange since originally, Conan was complimenting Kogorō for what he was doing, thinking to himself that Kogorō’s really getting better with investigations.  This happens a lot and I wish the dub would realize that it’s okay for Richard to be competent at times.  The characters don’t always have to be insulting him.

Strangely enough, the dub actually takes another chance to insult Richard and decides to insult someone else instead.  When Mr. Takei got angry at Kogorō for judging him based on his actions as a businessman, Kogorō gets scared and shuts up, prompting Conan to get annoyed with Kogorō because he backs down too easily.  In the dub, though, Conan’s annoyance with Kogorō is changed to a thought about how mean Mr. McMullans is.

Money Edit
Naoki’s 500 million yen ransom is changed to five million dollars for Nikki in the dub.

Dialogue Edit
When Naoki pushes Mr. Takei to the ground, Takei says that the fall sprained his ankle.  Mr. McMullans says that his leg is actually broken in the dub.

Final Thoughts
I suppose none of the changes in this episode are too bad, but like every other change in the dub, there was no need for them in the first place.  See you next time!


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