Episode 019 – “The Elevator Murder Case”

Japanese Episode 019: “The Elevator Murder Case”
American Episode 020: “Fashion Sense”
Original Japanese Air Date: June 10, 1996
Original American Air Date: June 24, 2004
Based On Manga: No
Next Conan’s Hint: Creepy Basement
Original Version Written By: Kazunari Kōchi
Original Version Directed By: Kenji Kodama
American Version Written By: Eric Vale
American Version Directed By: Eric Vale

Episode 019 01

Episode Thoughts
This is the first filler in the series that I really love.  It has perfect pacing due to a very simple mystery, and that mystery is just fantastic.  I think this is the second episode where we know who committed the crime right off the bat, but we have to prove it, and I always like cases like this.

The dub’s great.  I actually think I prefer the English version’s explanation of the crime over the original version’s.  They both say the exact same thing, but the slightly different phrasing and Robert Bruce Elliott’s fantastic acting as Richard make it slightly more perfect, even if I can’t say exactly why that is.  I suppose every actor has a different style, and with his, he embellishes and put emphasis on certain words in a unique way, which gives certain revelations and explanations a bit more of an impact.  Whatever the reason, this is one of my favorite dubbed episodes.

Name Conversion Guide

Minor Characters
Eiko Ashiya = Laurel Hallerand

Mika Taniguchi = Megan Clause
Eda = Alan

None of the corporations had names in the original version.

Dialogue Edit
It’s never really stated how Eiko Ashiya chose Ran for this modeling opportunity.  The dub tries to fill in the blanks by saying that Rachel entered a contest, though it’s never stated why in the original.  The dub also makes modeling out to be this big goal of Rachel’s, even going so far as to state that it’s her prime career choice.  In the Japanese version, it’s just kind of some neat thing she’s doing.  She doesn’t even feel bad that she loses her modeling chance at the end of the episode originally.

Dialogue Edit
Upon learning of Richard’s infatuation with the fashion designer they’re going to meet, Rachel gives this comment in the dub.

American Dub
Rachel: “You’ve never had a crush before.”

The hell?

Of course he has.  What about Yōko Okino?  If that’s not a crush, then I’d hate to see how Kogorō acts when he’s around women he really does have the hots for…

Dialogue Edit
Only in the dub is it stated that it’s Mika’s last day at work.  Originally, all that was confirmed was that she had already handed in her letter of resignation, which the dub also states.

Final Thoughts
I keep trying to come up with refreshing things to say it these “my opinion” sections, but really, the dub’s quality has become so consistent that I haven’t much to say.  No changes really stand out, as unfortunate as they are, but I suppose having little to complain about is a good thing.  See you next time!


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