Episode 015 – “The Missing Corpse Murder Case”

Japanese Episode 015: “The Missing Corpse Murder Case”
American Episodes 016: “The Two Faced Brother”
Original Japanese Air Date: May 13, 1996
Original American Air Date: June 17, 2004
Based On Manga: Files 056-058 (Volume 06, Chapters 06-08)
Next Conan’s Hint: Scratches On A Dresser
Original Version Written By: Toshiki Inōe
Original Version Directed By: Kenji Kodama
American Version Written By: Eric Vale & Matt Chaney
American Version Directed By: Mike McFarland

Episode 015 01

Episode Thoughts
With the recent essays I’ve been writing about past episodes, it might comfort some to know that I cannot muster many things to say about this case.  That’s not to say it’s bad.  I really like the illusion the killer created in this outing, though I really have to wonder how he was able to escape from his yard with police officers snooping around everywhere.  That seems pretty hard to accomplish, even considering you have a tree to hide in.  You’d think there would have been at least one officer looking around outside.

This case had more significance in the manga, as this story not only originally introduced the Communicator Badges, but also officially established Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and (a reluctant) Conan as the “Detective Boys” (or “Junior Detective League,” depending on the translation).  Since both of these things have already happened in the cartoon version, they were cut from this story’s adaption from manga to anime.  Other short (but sweet) moments were left out as well.  There’s a scene during Megure’s investigation where Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta start looking for clues and get scolded after completely ransacking a room, in addition to a funny scene in which the kids decide to advertize their detective agency over the school’s PA system, which results in another scolding.  I really hate to see cute moments like these axed out for the anime adaption because it seems that the character-oriented scenes are always the first things to go, which is a real shame.

The dub’s about average in that while the mystery itself is dubbed perfectly, everything else features some changes. 

Name Conversion Guide

Minor Characters
Tomofumi Tanaka = Hadrian Timberman

Kazuyoshi Tanaka = Hamilton Timberman
Hiroki = Harry

Akira the cat keeps her original name in the dub, but in exchange, her gender is changed from female to male.  Masked Yaiba is, for no reason at all, renamed Masked Avatar in the dub, covering up yet another reference to creator Gōshō Aoyama’s previous work.  This is a change we should all be used to by now, but it’s still disappointing.

Dialogue Edit
While George, Amy, and Mitch are complaining about their lack of clients, Dub-Conan wonders whether or not sending George around town in a chicken costume would increase business.  You can probably tell just from reading that sentence that this wasn’t said in the Japanese version.  Originally, Conan was just thinking that if it were really as easy to get clients as the kids thought, detectives would be living the easy life.

Money Edit
Hiroki’s offer to give the kids ten yen each for their work is changed to one dollar each in the dub.

Dialogue Edit
The montage during which the kids search for Akira is given dialogue in the dub.  Originally, there was no talking.

Dialogue Edit
When Akira, covered in blood, runs up to Conan and the gang, the dub gives Harry a really strange line.

American Dub
Harry: “Isn’t he a cute kitty?”

Um… your cat’s covered in blood, kid.  Did you somehow not notice that when you picked him up?  The dub seems to have every kid in the group except the cat’s owner worried about the potential injuries this animal could have sustained.

Dialogue Edit
Originally, when Genta calls Inspector Megure and tells him to come back to the killer’s house, he tries to give specific reasons as to why Tomofumi is the killer.  Megure then disputes all of Genta’s arguments based on what he found out during his investigation earlier.

In the dub, George doesn’t try to explain anything.  He just keeps telling Meguire over and over again to come back to the killer’s house.

Dialogue Edit
In the dub, Hadrian sets the timer on the television to go off after 30 minutes.  No length of time is ever specified in the original version.

Dialogue Edit
During the epilogue, the characters in the dub say that Akira keeps running away from home because he’s “unhappy.”  This seems to imply that Harry doesn’t take very good care of Akira, which is a pretty somber way to end the episode considering we’re never going to see these characters again.  The conversation then diverges into a “George is dumb” joke that involves him trying to figure out what kinds of emotions cats can feel.  Yeah, it’s about as stupid as it sounds.

None of this is stated in the original version; Akira simply likes running away because she’s a mischievous cat who likes to sneak into all kinds of places.

Final Thoughts
At this point in the game, you can see that FUNimation seems to go all-out when dubbing the show’s mysteries, but when it comes to the characters’ personalities and interactions, they’ll either dub the scene as-is or do their own thing and have “fun” with the dialogue.  FUNi’s staff tends to love choosing the latter, and that’s really Case Closed’s main flaw.  If they could just resist that urge to be “funny” (especially with George), this show would be in great shape.  See you next time!


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