2012 New Years Predictions?

Since we’re a little over a week into the new year, I figured it’s about time I did what every other fansite does and come up with some predictions for what will happen to good ol’ Conan in 2012.  The thing is, Detective Conan is one of the most boring franchises to think of predictions for because the exact same stuff happens every year.  Seriously.  2011 stirred things up a little bit with the premiere of that live-action spin-off series and the occasional Magic Kaito specials, but given that last year was a pretty big one for the franchise (with the celebration of the anime’s 15th anniversary and all), I expect 2012 to be comparatively calm.

With all of that said, here are my “predictions” for 2012.

– Aoyama will keep spitting out new manga chapters.  I suspect nothing major will develop in the main plot.

– TMS will keep spitting out new episodes, our annual OVA, our annual Magic File movie tie-in, and our obligatory annual feature film. “The Eleventh Striker” is looking okay so far, I guess.  But seriously, another bombing plot?  Can we please get something else?

– Absolutely nothing interesting will be announced regarding music releases.  The TV series’ opening and ending themes will continue to change every 15 episodes or so, and CD singles will be released for all of them.  The 16th movie will receive a CD single for its ending theme (likely in multiple editions) and an original soundtrack album featuring Katsuo Ōno’s score.  Other than that, I predict we’ll get absolutely nothing (especially considering we just had a new “Best of…” release a few months ago).

– Now that all of the feature films have been released on Blu-Ray in Japan, the only high-definition home video release I expect to see for this series is for “The Eleventh Striker” (in seperate “regular” and “special” editions for both DVD and Blu-Ray).

– On DVD, the series will continue with its four-episode-per-disc “Part X” releases.  In December, we’ll get another two additions to the “DVD Selection” series, featuring volumes for Sato and Takagi and either Inspector Megure or Professor Agasa.

– FUNimation will announce absolutely nothing for 2012.  No new episodes.  No feature films.  Absolutely nothing.  I’d love to be proven wrong on this, but their “we might consider licensing more movies someday” schtick merely seems to exist so that the fans who constantly bug them about the series will shut up.

– Viz will release their quarterly volumes of the English manga in January, April, July, and October, but nothing else (guide books, art books, etc.) will be announced.

– The Wii game will never make it to America, despite being fully translated and dubbed.  Seriously, folks, the ship has sailed.

That’s it, I guess.  I mean, is there anything else?  When was the last time anything truly mind-blowing happened?  The voice actor switch for Kogoro?  This series has been pretty predictable for years now, and nothing unique really happens unless there’s some sort of tragedy (like last year’s horrific earthquake, for example), and I pray nothing like that occurs.

I’ll certainly try to get comparisons out in a speedier fashion this year!  I’m just as sick of still being in “season” one as you all are.  Got predictions of your own?  Be sure to leave them in the comments!

Happy New Year!

– MagicBox

  1. #1 by Sushiconan on January 9, 2012 - 4:50 PM

    I agree. FUNimation has been doing the whole “We might release more, but we might not!” for quite a while. Their last dub was in 2009, I don’t see them doin’ much with it considering it’s been three years for movies and eight for the last dubbed episodes. I think Gōsho may do something to advance the plot, but I highly doubt that it will be big. And Happy New Year to you too!

  2. #2 by ManyFaces on January 25, 2012 - 2:31 AM

    I agree with every single one of your predictions, unfortunately. I really we’re wrong, though.

    Just to let you know, I’ll be checking in with Sophie soon to see if there’s anything new for 2012. I know she probably won’t have any good news, but it’s worth a check just to be sure.

    So how’s the manga? I stopped reading at volume 39, and sold all my volumes. Lol, I’m crazy, right? I just can’t help but think Viz will stop releasing ’em. As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to bet that they’ll stop by 2015 — I have nothing to support that, there’s just nothing going on; everything is quiet… too quiet. Anyway, I say this ’cause I’d like to hear your opinion, and possibly assure me that won’t happen. Perhaps you know something I don’t?

    • #3 by MagicBox on January 26, 2012 - 7:07 PM

      I haven’t the slightest idea regarding the manga, actually. If I had to guess, I would assume it’s making just enough revenue from faithful members of the fanbase to continue production, but if the semi-recent release schedule change is any indication (going from every two months to every three months), I would guess that profits have decreased significantly. I still don’t have volume 41 (even though it came out weeks ago) because the bookstore I frequent seems to have finally stopped carrying the series (with only two lonely copies of volume 40 on the shelf).

      I mean, the whole manga industry is suffering right now (not to mention printed media in general). All I know is that supporting the current releases is the only way the series has a shot of continuing through Viz.

  3. #4 by framefreeze100 on January 28, 2012 - 1:58 PM

    Funimation is having another Q&A event on Monday that’s actually somewhat organized for a change.

    Even if there’s only a 1% chance, perhaps if enough people ask about more Case Closed movies maybe they’ll actually give a new answer instead of ignoring the topic like they usually do.


  4. #5 by ManyFaces on January 28, 2012 - 10:35 PM

    Yea, you’re right. The manga industry needs our support now more than ever, so I’ll toss my pessimistic prediction out the window and get the volumes I haven’t read yet. If Viz does cancel the manga, I’ll just visit a reputable scanning website and print the rest of the manga from there. ;)

    That sucks. How do you plan on buying them now? Online retailers?

    • #6 by Sushiconan on January 30, 2012 - 9:38 PM

      Viz could’ve had sales decrease, but it also could have something to do with all of their acquirements, they do have a lot. I’ve been buying a bunch of them lately. We also have another thing on our sides; Viz isn’t FUNimation.

      • #7 by MagicBox on February 5, 2012 - 6:01 AM

        Viz is guilty of dropping series as well, I’m afraid. Though print is cheaper than television to produce, which may be why Viz has made it this far.

        And ManyFaces, I got volume 41 at another bookstore a few days ago. I had to drive a bit longer, but I’d rather not buy it online because I want Viz’s sale data to show that people still pick up volumes in retail stores. There were two copies of 41, one copy of 40, and one copy of 01 at the store I went to. By the time I left the bookstore, another family had snatched up the other copy of volume 41 and the copy of volume 40, which made me kinda happy to see.

  5. #8 by ManyFaces on February 10, 2012 - 4:51 PM

    I’d like to support bookstores but it’s just too convenient not to ’cause it’s tax-free (for me), usually cheaper (I hate having to pay MSRP), I save gas, AND I don’t have to worry about getting the stink-eye whenever I purchase something out of the ordinary. It’s not that I really care what they think, it just gets extremely annoying after a few times. But if it works for you then all the more power to you.

    By the way, you should get a Chatango (chatango.com). It’s an easy-to-use chat service you can put on your website. It’d be a nice way to have irrelevant discussions without dirtying up your blog.

  6. #9 by Daniel Kulkarni on February 12, 2012 - 12:36 AM

    Speaking of dirtying up the blog, I did an English scene fandub from episode 128 (Japanese count, of course) of Akemi Miyano’s run-in with the Black Organization. I realize this is pretty off-topic, but I didn’t know where else I could say this. I’d be honored if you guys would take a look at it, especially MagicBox.

    • #10 by MagicBox on February 13, 2012 - 11:20 PM

      Wow, that was really good, Daniel! Tell the rest of the cast that they did great. It’s surreal (yet very nice) to hear that scene in English. That’s really good timing that you posted this since I just uploaded the comparison for the original Akemi Miyano episode. :)

      I’ll take you guys’ suggestions and look into finding something to incorporate into the site so that semi-off-topic comments and stuff like this can continue to be posted. :)

      • #11 by Daniel Kulkarni on February 14, 2012 - 4:26 PM

        Thanks, man. For both taking the time to watch it and the kind words.

  7. #12 by ManyFaces on February 20, 2012 - 5:54 AM

    I know this is coming right out of left field, but would you be willing to start up a forum for Case Closed? The only real forums out there are FUNi’s in-active, laggy, way-out-in-the-boonies sub-forum, and Detective Conan World’s forum which, while active, is only for people who follow fan-subs. I know you’re not the type of person to do this sort of adventure, so I’d be willing to create it if you don’t feel like it. All I ask is you join and try to post as I try to round up some people.

    You’re probably asking, “What good will it do?” right about now. Well, I’m not delusional — I know this forum will never be popular, but it could gather a loyal set of members, which would be cool, right?

    Any thoughts?

    • #13 by MagicBox on February 22, 2012 - 12:54 PM

      My focus right now is really the episode/opening/ending comparisons for this site and the companion articles that go with them (and even those are going at a snail’s pace), so I really don’t know if I would be able to dedicate any time right now to creating a message board or even go back to moderating again.

      I certainly love talking about the series, though, and I believe that a message board *could* be done right, provided people resist their urge to ONLY talk about “Wah, wah, FUNimation’s not giving me more show!”

  8. #14 by ManyFaces on February 22, 2012 - 9:23 PM

    Okay. I understand.

    I don’t think I should even bother now that you don’t want to partake. Back when a few of us had that CC forum, literally dozens asked if you were going to join, and once I told ’em you weren’t, they didn’t care in the least — people think that highly of you. Basically what I’m saying is I was going to use you to garner members! Lol

    I guess I’ll just stay at that garbage sub-forum, and post something every now and then. You should too, if you ever get a chance.

    Oh, and if you think these comments are too off-topic then delete ’em. I won’t feel offended.

    • #15 by MagicBox on February 23, 2012 - 1:21 AM

      I think you might have misunderstood. I said that I love talking about the series and that I believe a forum could work. I never said I didn’t want to partake; I like posting. I just wouldn’t be able to do major things like creating a forum or moderating it. And that’s very nice to hear that people asked for me. ^_^;

      And I don’t mind semi-off-topic replies in the “site update” posts. As long as the comments in the episode/movie comparison posts stay on-topic and related to the episode/movie in question, I’m fine. :)

  9. #16 by ManyFaces on February 23, 2012 - 10:49 PM


    After you said, “so I really don’t know if I would be able to dedicate any time,” I jumped to the conclusion that you didn’t have any time to do anything, so I stopped reading that paragraph… I need to stop doing that.

    I made the forum; BHLani and KID1412 have already joined and they’re going to try and get more members. Until then, we’re not going to discuss much, but in the meantime you can join us at caseopen.proboards.com. There’s a chatango at the bottom of the page in case you’d like to say something.

    Also, what do you mean by “done correctly?” I assume “done correctly” means a forum with good grammar and void of “I want more CC episodes” topics. If that’s what you mean, then I assure that I’ll try my best to enforce them.

    By the way, I talked with Sophie and she told me they’re currently du… doing nothing. >.>. I then tried to weasel out the license expiration date, but she threw her NDA at me.

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