Episode 007 – “The Threatening Monthly Presents Case”

Japanese Episode 007: “The Threatening Monthly Presents Case”
American Episode 007: “The Case Of The Mysterious Gifts”
Original Japanese Air Date: February 19, 1996
Original American Air Date: June 02, 2004
Based On Manga: Files 026-029 (Volume 03, Chapters 07-10)
Next Conan’s Hint: Ballpoint Pen
Original Version Written By: Junichi Miyashita
Original Version Directed By: Kenji Kodama
American Version Written By: Eric Vale & Andrew Rye
American Version Directed By: Christopher Sabat

Episode Thoughts
I really like this episode.  It’s so much fun to watch Ran slowly deduce that Conan and Shinichi are the same person, especially since it allows us to see a case told from her perspective for a change.  The mystery presented is very entertaining, and I love how creepy it gets near the end (with the revelation that the villain has been sending his dead son’s personal belongings to Doctor Ogawa).  Plus, we get our first real look at how unrealistically accurate Conan is whenever he kicks something.  The only real complaint I can think of is that Haruo Ogawara returns as the animation director, so everybody’s extremely off-model.  I thought he made
episode 004 look halfway decent, but the man just gets worse and worse with every episode he works on.

I’m impressed by how much the dub gets right in this episode.  Most of my writing below is dedicated to side notes, not dialogue edits.  Colleen Clinkenbeard gets most of the spotlight here, since this is about as close to a Rachel-centered episode as the series gets, and she does a great job.  As for the one-shot characters, John Woodman has a fantastic voice that really makes the character sympathetic.  On the other hand, Joseph Woodman’s voice is laughably bad.  I’ve never heard a boy with a voice that high-pitched (and I don’t know if I want to).

The only other thing I can think to point out is that in the opening scene with Rachel and the kids, Amy is voiced by Amber Cotton instead of usual actress Monica Rial.  Strangely, the latter is still credited as Amy for this episode, but the voice change is quite obvious.  I assume Rial had scheduling conflicts that prevented her from being able to record for this one episode, but she does so much work for FUNimation that I can’t imagine her being unavailable to such a degree that she had to be replaced.  How odd.

Name Conversion Guide

Minor Characters
Masayuki Ogawa = John Woodman

Yuta Ogawa = Joseph Woodman
Tomoya Ogino = Tommy Oswald

In the dub, the Game Man retains its original name, but the name of the software that Conan’s playing is never mentioned.  The game is actually called “Yaiba’s Great Adventure,” a reference to Gōshō Aoyama’s previous manga.  The game’s characters, Yaiba and Onimaru, also go unmentioned in the American version.  Mr. Kishida keeps his Japanese name.

Money Edits
The amount of money Ogawa receives each month is changed from one million yen to ten thousand dollars.  The total amount he’s been sent over two years is changed from 25 million yen to 250 thousand dollars.

Later, the estimated worth of Ogawa’s painting is changed from 20 million yen to 500 thousand dollars.

Side Note
In the dub, we never actually find out what John Woodman’s letter says.  In the Japanese version, Kogor
ō reads the letter in silence, which is the exact same thing that Richard does in the American version.  Here’s the issue: FUNi keeps the original Japanese video.  Don’t get me wrong;  that’s a good thing.  It’s just that while a Japanese audience can easily read the letter along with Kogorō, an English-speaking audience is looking at what is essentially gibberish in their eyes.

When the episode aired on Cartoon Network, FUNi’s paint editors translated the text in the letter, allowing an English audience to understand the message.  Since FUNi’s DVDs retain (almost) all of the Japanese video, the message is no longer in English.

For reference, the letter says “I have finished paying the 25 million yen.  I will be coming to get what is mine.”

Dialogue Edit
It’s hardly worth mentioning, but everyone in Beika Hospital is slightly… livelier in the dub.  It’s hard to describe, but in the American version, there’s more talking from background characters and a voice can be heard over the PA system.  Granted, it does make sense for other people in the building to be talking, and none of the background lines overpower any of the main dialogue or anything, so this change isn’t really worth the time it’s taken me to mention it.

Dialogue Edit
For some reason, the dub changes Yuta’s birthday month from December to August.  Random, I know.

Side Note
Actually, let’s talk about that birthday change a little more, shall we?

Okay, so December is the correct month for Yuta’s birthday, and the dub changed that for seemingly no reason.  An interesting thing to note, though, is that the day on which Doctor Ogawa receives his flowers every year was changed for the anime adaption.  In the manga, he actually got the flowers on August 03rd and the Japanese version altered that.

Here’s the deal: the anime writers screwed with this story a little.  In the manga, Ogawa got the flowers every year on August 03rd, and Yuta’s birthday is in December.  In the Japanese version of the cartoon, the flowers are sent on February 19th, and Yuta’s birthday is in December.  In the dub, the flowers are sent on February 19th, and Joseph’s birthday is in August.  It’s all crazy.

The reason the Japanese version of the cartoon changed the date the flowers are sent is because this episode originally aired in Japan on February 19th, so the writers probably just wanted the episode to feel current.  I guess the writers felt that it would seem sloppy if a “brand new” episode, set to air on February 19th, featured characters saying “today, August 03rd.”  Sure, it didn’t need to be changed, but I suppose I understand why it was.

Dialogue Edit
Shortly after Rachel tricks Conan into responding to “Jimmy,” Conan’s inner monologue starts worrying that Rachel might be “possibly hurt” by the Black Organization if his cover is blown.  Needless to say, Conan’s worried about something a little more severe than Ran possibly “getting hurt” in the original version.

The dub has never shied away from death before, so that’s a bit of an odd rewrite.

Dialogue Edit
This one’s a little subtle, so I can understand why the dub writers might have missed it.

After Ran realizes that she told Conan about her love for Shinichi, Conan, still trying to mask his true identity, asks Ran if she likes video games.  Ran, still in a daze over her realization, hears the word “like” and immediately starts yelling at Conan, telling him that he “has the wrong idea.”

Obviously, the joke is that Ran is denying that she “likes” Shinichi, even though that’s not what Conan asked.  The dub completely drops the references to Jimmy in their conversation, with Rachel just yelling at Conan that she “hates video games.”

Dialogue Edits
During Ran’s conversation with “Shinichi” (Professor Agasa using the Voice-Changing Bow-Tie), she asks “Shinichi” why he’s talking like an old man.  Neither Agasa’s “old person” talk nor Ran’s question is adapted in the dub, which is a shame, I think.

It’s also revealed in a flashback that Dub-Conan told Doctor Agasa to call Rachel “in 30 minutes,” whereas he never specified an exact period of time in the Japanese version.

Final Thoughts
Aside from a confusing birthday change and the loss of two jokes, this episode turned out great.  I’m astounded that Mr. Vale and Mr. Rye chose not to include the jokes about Professor Agasa’s geezer talk and Ran’s love for Shinichi (especially since the dub usually changes things around to insert humor, not remove it), but I was surprised by how faithfully the rest of the episode was adapted.  See you next time!


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  1. #1 by Sushiconan on November 12, 2011 - 9:51 AM

    This is where ogawara’s designs are the worst.

  2. #2 by Sushiconan on November 12, 2011 - 10:18 AM

    Well, worse then his last episode. I think his later designs are terrible. I remember this one on [adult swim]. “I HATE VIDEO GAMES AND DON’T YOU FORGET IIIIIIIIT!”

  3. #3 by Sushiconan on November 23, 2011 - 4:29 PM

    Actually, Kishida actually was Ran’s pe teacher. In the manga he was, and in Ova 9 he was. I think the subs may have been off or the anime writers altered it. In the manga you can clearly see a whistle around his neck. Just wanted to point it out.

  4. #4 by Sushiconan on November 23, 2011 - 4:50 PM

    I just watched subs. It said pe teacher. What subs did you watch? Was it FUNi or a DCTP sub?

    • #5 by MagicBox on November 28, 2011 - 1:00 AM

      Hmm, I just went back and listened to the line more closely, and Ran does indeed say “taiiku” (Physical Education). I’ll fix that right away.

      I always use Clyde Mandelin’s subs on FUNi’s DVDs for two reasons.

      1.) It’s more convenient when comparing the dub to have the DVD subtitles play along with it.
      2.) If there’s an official release, I prefer to support it.

      Whenever I’m comparing an episode from the manga, I’ll always get the proper volume out for reference as well. Plus, I’m like, 2% fluent in Japanese, so that helps out occasionally. :P

      Mandelin’s subs say “shop teacher,” so I guess I just wrote that down based off the subtitles without paying more attention to the dialogue. That’s very strange. I wonder how he mistranslated that.

      Personally, I’m not entirely satisfied with how Mandelin subs. He’s gotten better with newer shows like One Piece, but here, he seems to translate things and then paraphrase it in his scripts. I’d say he gets about 90% of everything. I would prefer something a teensy bit more literal (Oh, how I wish Steve Simmons, FUNi’s other translator, had been hired to sub it!), but he generally does everything well enough so as not to lose any vital information.

      Thanks very much for catching this for me.

      • #6 by Sushiconan on November 28, 2011 - 5:01 PM

        No problem. :D

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